The Wiles Classroom Experience

Unlike any Other

Consistently ranked as the #1 computer science teacher in the world by students who have had no other teacher.

My Courses

The courses below are courses that I am currently teaching or in the process of developing for the upcoming school year.

Coding Basics
Coding Basics

Learn basic coding concepts using drag and drop coding environments like Scratch, MIT App Inventor, Karel in CodeHS and  This introductory course is designed for students who have an interest in learning about coding, but aren’t necessarily wanting to pursue a computer science career path.

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Computer Science Essentials

Using JavaScript, one of the most popular and in demand languages, students will learn many essential programming concepts.

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game design
Video Game Design

Creating games is fun and educational.  Students will learn input method handling, animation, collision detection, game physics and basic artificial intelligence using the Unity game engine and the C# programming language.

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The MV STAT program began as part of the GenYes program.  Since then, we have taken the good parts of GenYes and expanded upon them and customized them to develop our own program.  This program gives students hands-on experience working with many aspects of technology.

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Computer science Explorations

This course is currently in the development phase.  Computer Science Explorations will provide students an opportunity to focus on areas of computer science that are of interest to them while still having the support and guidance  of a classroom teacher.

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