Game Dev

About the Course

This is a full year course designed for students wanting a deeper look into computer science and coding.  Students taking this course should have strong Algebra skills or gave taken the Coding for Beginners course and done well in that course.   JavaScript, a C-based language, is the primary language used.  By focusing on a C-based language, the transition to other C-based languages like C# (Unity Game Engine), C++ (Unreal Game Engine) and Java (Android App Development) should be fairly easy.  

game dev side


Computer Science Essentials with a grade of B- or higher

Why Take this Course

Because it's fun! Making games is obviously fun. However, even if you have no intentions of going into a computer science related career, the logic skills, problem solving skills, and general computer science knowledge you gain from this course will be valuable in any career you pursue.

What You Will Learn

  • Introduction to Game Design
  • Critical Thinking in Game Design
  • Game Design Theory
  • Story and Game Creation
  • System Dynamics and Scripting Fundamentals
  • ame Development Tools, Formats, and Asset Management
  • Physics and Animation
  • Environments and Level Design
  • Principles of Cameras and Lighting in Game Environments
  • Principles of Sound and Audio for Games
  • Basic Interfaces and the Build Process
  • Intermediate Animation and UI
  • Principles of Quality and Functionality Assurance in Game Development
  • Principles of Versioning and Game Release

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